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Памирских женщин и таяния ледников Таджикистана эратичиски кино Эратичиски видио эратичиски видио филм

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Теги: таяния, памирских, ледников, женщин,

Странные видеофакты 2013 - TAJIKISTAN - The glaciers of the Pamir mountains, which provide over 50% of Central Asia's water resources, are rapidly melting at a rate similar to Greenland's continental glacier. Three generations of of Pamiri women share the impacts of the melt and decreasing water levels. Director/Camera/Editor: Ivan GolovnevProducer/Editor: Citt Williams Associate Producers: Professor Abdulsator Saidov, Dr. Abdulnazar Abdulnazarov Graphics: David JimenezSound Mixer: Tfer NewsomeShot on location in Pamir mountains, TajikistanDuration 10:09 minutesDeveloped and produced for United Nations University (UNU) by UNU Media Studio & Institute of Zoology and Parasitology -Tajikistan Academy of Sciences, in association with UNU-IAS Traditional knowledge Initiative and The Christensen Fund.Further information, for this film can be found at film's website: ourworld.unu.eduUnited Nations University has published this work under a Creative Commons license - share alike, attribution, no derivatives, non-commercial*About this Project*The United Nations University together with Aleine Ecological movement of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan's Academy of Sciences - Institute of Zoology and Parasitology, and Foundation of sustainable development of Altai, collaborated as partners in the coordination, production and dissemination of 3 short videos dealing with Central Asian Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Change. Collaboratively made with Indigenous storytellers, the videobriefs are told in local languages, respect Intellectual Property rights and provide storytellers with media training, resources and a fair media engagement model for future projects. The final videos played alongside other international climate change videos at a locally coordinated forum event and later at a special screening at the National Museum of Denmark during the Copenhagen COP15 meeting. смотреть до конца

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