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BREAKING NEWS: NATO to attack SYRIAN ARMY the REBELS will be funded and ARMED by the US illuminati breaking news

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BREAKING NEWS: NATO to attack SYRIAN ARMY the REBELS will be funded and ARMED by the USThe bomb that decimated the inner circle of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Wednesday should also shake up U.S. policy toward Syria.The deaths of Assad's brother-in-law and confidant, Assef Shawkat, along with other top security officials, marks the beginning of the end for a regime that has slaughtered at least 15,000 people. This is a moment that calls for decisive Western action.Yet, before Wednesday's bomb, the international community was fixated on an irrelevance - whether to renew the mandate of a United Nations monitoring mission in Syria that expires Friday. The U.N. effort, led by Kofi Annan, lacks any authority to compel Assad to quit murdering civilians or to step down in favor of a broad-based transition government.Meantime, Russia and China have made clear they'll veto Western efforts to give the mandate teeth by imposing sanctions if Assad stonewalls. Without enforcement authority, the Annan mission is toast."I've been in constant touch with commanders on the ground," says Syrian journalist-in-exile Eiad Shurbaji, who now does Skype interviews daily from Washington. "As far as the are concerned, they have gone beyond Kofi Annan's diplomacy. The real decisions won't be made in New York City, but on the ground or in Damascus."Too true.Shurbaji was a rising young Syrian star, who owned a magazine and publishing house before the revolution; he had even interviewed Assad's wife, Asma - twice. When the uprising began, and he wrote about the regime's brutal crackdowns on civilians, he was arrested and beaten. He barely escaped alive to neighboring Jordan. (Three men who helped him escape were caught and shot.) His personal story shows why a peaceful rebellion turned violent under government repression.Today, he says, Syrian rebels "feel they can only achieve their aims through battle." They view the Annan mission as a smokescreen that enables reluctant Western governments to delay any decision about whether to give military aid to the rebels.That decision can no longer be postponed.TAGS: 2012 Tsiyonuttimes news media NATO UN US Syria Rebels Revolution regime change President Bashar al-Assad funded armed Syrian Army Zion zionism illuminati NWO new world order military army mercenaries navy airforce weapons Turkey Russia Moscow Civil War WW3 world war iii defence minister security conflict abroad democrats WMD Iran Europe times hope peace CIA opposition satellite imagery equipment research UK France Germany Portugal Chapter 7 Article 7 resolution UN supervision international observers

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